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After 2018 - Stage 20:
 15000 starters.
  5163 different riders.
  637 teams.
  2252 stages.
  456 restdays.
  442824.60 km.
  5684 abandonnees.

Top 3
Geraint Thomas83:17:13
Tom Dumoulin83:19:04
Christopher Froome83:19:37
Julian Alaphilippe156 pt.
Warren Barguil91 pt.
Rafal Majka76 pt.
Peter Sagan477 pt.
Alexander Kristoff246 pt.
Arnaud Démare203 pt.
Pierre-Roger Latou..83:39:26
Egan Bernal83:45:05
Guillaume Martin84:01:31
The 100 youngest and oldest riders to complete.
(where age is known)
Youngest riders
FRAMaurice Lartigue12 Years  273 Days
FRAEdouard Chaumard16 Years  278 Days
NEDHarry Schoenmakers17 Years  128 Days
FRAJean Zimmermann17 Years  267 Days
FRAGaston Morlet17 Years  297 Days
ITAMario Neri18 Years  84 Days
FRACamille Fily18 Years  143 Days
FRARaymond Didier18 Years  315 Days
NEDMaurits Lammertink18 Years  331 Days
FRALucien Meunier18 Years  348 Days
FRALouis Faudon19 Years  51 Days
BELJoseph Achten19 Years  51 Days
FRAMaurice Petit19 Years  87 Days
FRAGeorges Sérès sr.19 Years  118 Days
ITAUgo Agostoni19 Years  125 Days
ITAGiuseppe Azzini19 Years  131 Days
FRAVictor Dupré19 Years  132 Days
FRAMarceau Narcy19 Years  135 Days
FRAAdrien Melaye19 Years  144 Days
FRAAdrien Cento19 Years  148 Days
TUNAbderrahman Neffati19 Years  189 Days
FRAAlbert Cartigny19 Years  228 Days
ITAGiovanni Marchese19 Years  247 Days
ESPLouis Lecuona19 Years  256 Days
ITAEzio Corlaita19 Years  283 Days
FRARaymond Etcheverry19 Years  294 Days
FRAFélix Damelincourt19 Years  351 Days
BELPol Mahieu19 Years  361 Days
NEDDanny van Poppel20 Years  0 Days
FRALaurent Quemeneur20 Years  1 Days
FRAAndre Batilly20 Years  29 Days
FRARene Fleury20 Years  72 Days
FRAAlain Andrin20 Years  73 Days
FRAAuguste Denizot20 Years  87 Days
SUIMike Gutmann20 Years  93 Days
FRAAlexandre Chauvière20 Years  119 Days
ITAFabio Felline20 Years  123 Days
FRAAlcide Vivier20 Years  129 Days
FRAMarcel Berthet20 Years  162 Days
FRAErnest Goujon20 Years  166 Days
ENGSeamus Ryan20 Years  181 Days
FRAChristophe Taeron20 Years  207 Days
FRAAuguste Maisonneuve20 Years  216 Days
FRAAlbert Cognat20 Years  218 Days
FRAMarcel Cadolle20 Years  224 Days
FRAGeorges Jeanblanc20 Years  232 Days
FRAAndre Herbelin20 Years  238 Days
FRAFernand Augereau20 Years  241 Days
FRAGabriel Bouffier20 Years  245 Days
FRAAlbert Goutal20 Years  246 Days
GERHermann Müller20 Years  249 Days
FRAEugene Merville20 Years  261 Days
FRAJean-Baptiste Camdessoucens20 Years  270 Days
FRAMartin Soulie20 Years  276 Days
FRAHenri Menager20 Years  293 Days
ESPDemetrio Vicente20 Years  296 Days
FRAPhilippe De Balade20 Years  302 Days
KAZAlexey Lutsenko20 Years  322 Days
FRAAimable Denhez20 Years  326 Days
FRACharles Ponscarme20 Years  330 Days
FRAMarcel Robert20 Years  333 Days
FRAAlfred Vaidis20 Years  345 Days
FRAAlbert Niepçeron20 Years  347 Days
NEDAlbert Gijsen20 Years  357 Days
FRAOctave Noel21 Years  2 Days
FRAGaston Angeli21 Years  3 Days
FRAHenri Caron21 Years  5 Days
FRAMarcel Hugot21 Years  7 Days
BELArthur Maertens21 Years  20 Days
BELEdgard De Caluwe21 Years  33 Days
BELFernand Sellier21 Years  33 Days
FRAAdrien Heloin21 Years  38 Days
FRAErnest Haillote21 Years  44 Days
FRAPhilippe Cordier21 Years  48 Days
FRASezny Le Roux21 Years  49 Days
FRALucien Colin21 Years  52 Days
LUXLucien Bidinger21 Years  57 Days
ALGPierre Allès21 Years  61 Days
WALGeraint Thomas21 Years  70 Days
BELDieudonné Gauthy21 Years  72 Days
ARGGeorges Cadolle21 Years  72 Days
ESPJesús Dermit21 Years  79 Days
FRAAlfred Quenon21 Years  91 Days
BELLudo Janssens21 Years  91 Days
FRAFrancis Gouspy21 Years  97 Days
FRARené Debenne21 Years  98 Days
FRALouis Schaffner21 Years  109 Days
PORCarlos Silva21 Years  119 Days
ITAEmilio Roscio21 Years  122 Days
ITAGiovanni Casetta21 Years  127 Days
FRAPaul Amiot21 Years  129 Days
FRAAntonin Canavese21 Years  130 Days
ALGJean Mayen21 Years  130 Days
FRAAndré Carre21 Years  130 Days
LUXJean Majerus21 Years  132 Days
FRAFrançois Riou21 Years  133 Days
ITACostante Girardengo21 Years  134 Days
FRAAlbert Chartier21 Years  137 Days
ITATiziano Galvanin21 Years  137 Days
FRAClément Bistagne21 Years  141 Days

Oldest riders
BELHenri Timmermann48 Years  231 Days
FRAAuguste Dufour46 Years  88 Days
NEDGerard Peters45 Years  214 Days
FRAEugene Forestier45 Years  203 Days
FRAFirmin Pauloin45 Years  202 Days
ITAGiovanni Rossignoli44 Years  236 Days
FRAEugène Larose44 Years  57 Days
FRAAuguste Berthault44 Years  11 Days
FRAPaul Duboc43 Years  115 Days
FRAPierre Desvages43 Years  114 Days
FRAJules Deloffre43 Years  94 Days
FRAAdolphe Dorion43 Years  92 Days
FRAEmile Bouhours43 Years  34 Days
POLPeter Böhm42 Years  127 Days
FRAFerdinand Payan42 Years  106 Days
FRAGuilbert Bled42 Years  36 Days
PORJoaquim Agostinho41 Years  118 Days
ITAGiuseppe Cerami41 Years  87 Days
FRALucien Prévost41 Years  34 Days
FRAHenri Cornet40 Years  315 Days
FRAGeorges Ducom40 Years  257 Days
FRAErnest Paul40 Years  239 Days
FRAEugène Christophe40 Years  187 Days
URSViatcheslav Ekimov40 Years  179 Days
SUILorenzo Costa40 Years  116 Days
FRAEugene Chiaberge40 Years  109 Days
FRARaymond Poulidor40 Years  104 Days
ESPIñigo Cuesta40 Years  63 Days
NEDJoop Zoetemelk39 Years  246 Days
BELArthur Claerhout39 Years  235 Days
BELLouis Heusghem39 Years  218 Days
NEDHennie Kuiper39 Years  181 Days
ITAPierre Corini39 Years  163 Days
FRAStéphane Goubert39 Years  145 Days
FRAJoseph Beaugendre39 Years  143 Days
FRAAlbert Colboc39 Years  142 Days
BELGeorges Goffin39 Years  122 Days
FRAEugène Archambault39 Years  81 Days
FRALouis Thiétard39 Years  64 Days
FRALucien Lauk39 Years  49 Days
BELLéon Despontin39 Years  49 Days
ITAGino Bartali39 Years  18 Days
ESPGonzalo Aja39 Years  18 Days
ITAMassimo Podenzana39 Years  4 Days
FRAGilbert Duclos-Lassalle38 Years  344 Days
FRAJosé Pelletier38 Years  329 Days
FRAEdouard Leonard38 Years  288 Days
BELLucien Van Impe38 Years  284 Days
FRALucien Abbe38 Years  222 Days
FRALucien Pothier38 Years  199 Days
GERJosef Fischer38 Years  187 Days
ENGBarry Hoban38 Years  178 Days
FRAJules Nempon38 Years  144 Days
BELFirmin Lambot38 Years  137 Days
FRAJean-Marie Goasmat38 Years  132 Days
FRALaurent Brochard38 Years  128 Days
NEDWim van Est38 Years  123 Days
FRAPaul Coppens38 Years  116 Days
ESPJosé Luis Rodriguez38 Years  103 Days
GERHans Junkermann38 Years  88 Days
BELFerdinand Bracke38 Years  70 Days
FRAMaurice Quentin38 Years  56 Days
ESPJose Luis Arrieta38 Years  51 Days
FRAVictor Fontan38 Years  47 Days
FRAJean Robic38 Years  47 Days
DDRErik Zabel38 Years  30 Days
GEREnrico Poitschke37 Years  349 Days
ITAGaetano Belloni37 Years  343 Days
FRAChristophe Mengin37 Years  332 Days
BELLucien Buysse37 Years  327 Days
NORDag Otto Lauritzen37 Years  324 Days
GERJens Voigt37 Years  322 Days
USALance Armstrong37 Years  321 Days
BELAchille Depauw37 Years  320 Days
FRACamille Bière37 Years  315 Days
BELHilaire Couvreur37 Years  305 Days
BELLudo Dierckxsens37 Years  296 Days
BELRaymond Impanis37 Years  277 Days
AUSScott Sunderland37 Years  249 Days
ESPJosé Gomez37 Years  238 Days
ITAAngelo Gremo37 Years  237 Days
FRAAdrien Alpini37 Years  228 Days
AUSErnest Bainbridge37 Years  223 Days
ITAGiovanni Roncon37 Years  214 Days
FRAPierre Cogan37 Years  209 Days
ESPJosé Mayoz37 Years  195 Days
ITAGiuseppe Santhia37 Years  192 Days
FRAHenri Pelissier37 Years  185 Days
ITAEmilio Petiva37 Years  176 Days
FRARoger Labric37 Years  165 Days
BELLeon Poncelet37 Years  152 Days
NEDGerrie Knetemann37 Years  150 Days
ESPArsenio González37 Years  149 Days
ALGAbdel-Kader Abbes37 Years  146 Days
FRALeopold Gelot37 Years  139 Days
ITAMario Cipollini37 Years  135 Days
FRAJean Alavoine37 Years  117 Days
ESPJulián Berrendero37 Years  116 Days
FRAChristophe Moreau37 Years  116 Days
FRAGaston Persignan37 Years  102 Days

Todays birthdays.

1886  Charles Crupelandt
1901  Pierre Claes
1910  Otto Weckerling
1957  Beat Breu
1961  Jean-Francois Chaurin
1971  Christopher Horner
1990  Jesper Hansen
1993  Luka Pibernik