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 After:  2016 - Stage 21:   14626 starters.
  5086 different riders.
  632 teams.
  2211 stages.
  454 restdays.
  436049.60 km.
  5622 abandonnees.

Top 3
Christopher Froome89:04:48
Romain Bardet89:08:53
Nairo Quintana89:09:09
Rafal Majka209 pt.
Thomas De Gendt130 pt.
Jarlinson Pantano ..121 pt.
Peter Sagan470 pt.
Marcel Kittel228 pt.
Michael Matthews199 pt.
Adam Yates89:09:30
Louis Meintjes89:11:46
Emanuel Buchmann89:52:28
The 100 youngest and oldest riders to complete.
(where age is known)
Youngest riders
1905FRAMartin Soulie17 Years  265 Days
1992ESPLuis Perez Rodriguez18 Years  45 Days
1907FRARene Fleury18 Years  75 Days
1907FRAMarceau Narcy18 Years  129 Days
1905FRACamille Fily18 Years  143 Days
1907FRAAlcide Vivier19 Years  123 Days
1910ITAGiuseppe Azzini19 Years  131 Days
1908FRAMarceau Narcy19 Years  135 Days
1907FRAAlbert Chartier19 Years  140 Days
1907FRAAlfred Le Bars19 Years  146 Days
1909FRAHenri Alavoine19 Years  151 Days
1931ITAFabio Battesini19 Years  162 Days
1905FRAEugène Ventresque19 Years  191 Days
1906FRAGeorges Bronchard19 Years  193 Days
1909FRAAndre Herbelin19 Years  238 Days
1904FRALouis Colsaet19 Years  248 Days
1924FRAAdrien Toussaint19 Years  261 Days
1999ESPPedro Horrillo19 Years  306 Days
1932DEUGeorg Umbenhauer19 Years  319 Days
1904FRAFélix Damelincourt19 Years  351 Days
1936BELAlbert Hendrickx20 Years  19 Days
1933BELGustaaf Deloor20 Years  34 Days
1906FRALéon Winand20 Years  48 Days
1951FRAJoseph Mirando20 Years  73 Days
1907FRAAlfred Quenon20 Years  85 Days
1909FRAAuguste Denizot20 Years  87 Days
1904FRAJean-Baptiste Dortignacq20 Years  93 Days
1982CHEMike Gutmann20 Years  93 Days
1909FRAConstant Menager20 Years  111 Days
1905FRAMaurice Decaup20 Years  124 Days
1909FRAErnest Goujon20 Years  166 Days
1934FRARené Vietto20 Years  167 Days
1912BELPierre Everaerts20 Years  176 Days
1952FRAJean Le Guilly20 Years  179 Days
1903FRALucien Pothier20 Years  188 Days
1907FRAFrançois Faber20 Years  194 Days
1907FRAGeorges Bronchard20 Years  199 Days
1910FRALucien Roquebert20 Years  204 Days
1956FRALouis Rostollan20 Years  214 Days
1903FRAFernand Augereau20 Years  241 Days
1932DEUHermann Müller20 Years  249 Days
1927FRAPierre Magne20 Years  257 Days
1908FRAMartin Soulie20 Years  276 Days
1982FRAJean-Francois Chaurin20 Years  280 Days
1906ENGGeorges Passerieu20 Years  295 Days
1907FRAMarius Villette20 Years  296 Days
1909FRACamille Mathieu20 Years  304 Days
1910FRACamille Bière20 Years  325 Days
1909FRAAlfred Vaidis20 Years  345 Days
1978FRADominique Sanders20 Years  346 Days
1936FRAAlphonse Antoine20 Years  354 Days
1912FRARaymond Harquet20 Years  364 Days
1936FRAMathias Clemens21 Years  0 Days
1936FRAAntoine Latorre21 Years  7 Days
1934FRAFabien Galateau21 Years  11 Days
1988FRAJean-Claude Colotti21 Years  29 Days
2009RUSMikhail Ignatyev21 Years  34 Days
1905FRAPhilippe Pautrat21 Years  46 Days
1909FRALucien Colin21 Years  52 Days
1953BELJan Adriaensens21 Years  55 Days
1952FRAJoseph Mirando21 Years  64 Days
2007WALGeraint Thomas21 Years  70 Days
1967FRAJosé Samyn21 Years  78 Days
1963BELLudo Janssens21 Years  91 Days
1986NLDPeter Stevenhaagen21 Years  99 Days
1905FRAJean-Baptiste Dortignacq21 Years  100 Days
1965BELWilly Planckaert21 Years  105 Days
1910FRAConstant Menager21 Years  111 Days
2005SWEThomas Lövkvist21 Years  116 Days
1984PRTCarlos Silva21 Years  119 Days
1975BELFrans Van Vlierberghe21 Years  119 Days
1949BELMarcel De Mulder21 Years  122 Days
1909FRAJoseph Leblanc21 Years  124 Days
1909FRAJean Alavoine21 Years  125 Days
1951DZAJean Mayen21 Years  130 Days
1949FRAAntonin Rolland21 Years  133 Days
1910FRAFrançois Riou21 Years  133 Days
1909FRAAlfred Le Bars21 Years  143 Days
1979ITABruno Leali21 Years  143 Days
1935FRAGabriel Ruozzi21 Years  148 Days
1909ITAAttilio Zavatti21 Years  149 Days
1931FRAJean Maréchal21 Years  154 Days
1907FRAHonore Genin21 Years  159 Days
1935FRARené Vietto21 Years  166 Days
1930DEUOskar Thierbach21 Years  171 Days
1956NLDLeo van Der Pluym21 Years  174 Days
1908FRAAlexandre Bodinier21 Years  175 Days
1936FRAArthur Debruyckere21 Years  176 Days
1909ESPJoseph Habierre21 Years  182 Days
1978FRADante Coccolo21 Years  182 Days
1953FRAJean Le Guilly21 Years  186 Days
1912FRAEugene Dhers21 Years  186 Days
1956FRARaymond Meyzenq21 Years  186 Days
1910FRAConstant Collet21 Years  188 Days
2015ERIMerhawi Ghebremedhin21 Years  189 Days
1953BELMartin Van Geneugden21 Years  192 Days
1906FRAEugène Christophe21 Years  192 Days
1975PRTJosé Amaro21 Years  193 Days
1911FRALucien Roquebert21 Years  200 Days
1908FRAFrançois Faber21 Years  200 Days

Oldest riders
1927ITAGiovanni Rossignoli44 Years  236 Days
1922FRAErnest Paul40 Years  239 Days
2006RUSViatcheslav Ekimov40 Years  179 Days
1976FRARaymond Poulidor40 Years  104 Days
1962ITAGiuseppe Cerami40 Years  88 Days
2009ESPIñigo Cuesta40 Years  63 Days
1922BELLouis Heusghem39 Years  218 Days
2009FRAStéphane Goubert39 Years  145 Days
1927BELLéon Despontin39 Years  49 Days
1985ESPGonzalo Aja39 Years  18 Days
2000ITAMassimo Podenzana39 Years  4 Days
1927FRAJosé Pelletier38 Years  329 Days
1903DEUJosef Fischer38 Years  187 Days
1978ENGBarry Hoban38 Years  178 Days
1951FRAJean-Marie Goasmat38 Years  132 Days
1908FRAFerdinand Payan38 Years  119 Days
2009FRAChristophe Moreau38 Years  115 Days
2016AUSMathew Hayman38 Years  105 Days
1948FRALouis Thiétard38 Years  65 Days
2009ESPJose Luis Arrieta38 Years  51 Days
2008DEUErik Zabel38 Years  30 Days
2007DEUEnrico Poitschke37 Years  349 Days
2006FRAChristophe Mengin37 Years  332 Days
1994NORDag Otto Lauritzen37 Years  324 Days
2009USALance Armstrong37 Years  321 Days
1962BELHilaire Couvreur37 Years  305 Days
2002BELLudo Dierckxsens37 Years  296 Days
1963BELRaymond Impanis37 Years  277 Days
2004AUSScott Sunderland37 Years  249 Days
1925ITAAngelo Gremo37 Years  237 Days
1951FRAPierre Cogan37 Years  209 Days
1927FRAJules Nempon37 Years  145 Days
2005FRALaurent Brochard37 Years  129 Days
1960NLDWim van Est37 Years  124 Days
1979PRTJoaquim Agostinho37 Years  115 Days
1952FRAPaul Giguet37 Years  95 Days
1903BELMarcel Kerff37 Years  54 Days
1957BELDésiré Keteleer37 Years  46 Days
2003DEUUdo Bölts36 Years  360 Days
2007FRACédric Vasseur36 Years  354 Days
1952CHEWalter Diggelmann36 Years  352 Days
1991FRAGilbert Duclos-Lassalle36 Years  346 Days
2008DEUJens Voigt36 Years  323 Days
1956ITAAdolphe Deledda36 Years  315 Days
1926ITABartolomeo Aimo36 Years  305 Days
1926ITAHenri Ferrara36 Years  286 Days
1925BELEmile Masson36 Years  284 Days
1994BELGuy Nulens36 Years  279 Days
1926ITACarlo Longoni36 Years  244 Days
1968ESPJosé Gomez36 Years  239 Days
2009ESPBingen Fernandez36 Years  232 Days
1999FRAThierry Bourguignon36 Years  227 Days
2008BELWim Vansevenant36 Years  226 Days
1935FRABenoit Faure36 Years  206 Days
1980ESPJosé Mayoz36 Years  197 Days
1999ITASilvio Martinello36 Years  196 Days
1922ITAGiuseppe Santhia36 Years  193 Days
1903FRAArsène Millocheau36 Years  186 Days
1989AUTHelmut Wechselberger36 Years  170 Days
2006ITAGiuseppe Guerini36 Years  168 Days
2005BELMarc Wauters36 Years  160 Days
1987NLDGerrie Knetemann36 Years  151 Days
1994FRAJean-Claude Bagot36 Years  146 Days
2000ITAAlberto Elli36 Years  145 Days
1994ENGPhil Anderson36 Years  143 Days
2010CANJeremy Hunt36 Years  143 Days
1996ESPArsenio González36 Years  143 Days
1922BELFirmin Lambot36 Years  139 Days
1978BELAlbert Van Vlierberghe36 Years  136 Days
1903FRAJean-Baptiste Fischer36 Years  118 Days
2001DNKRolf Sørensen36 Years  109 Days
1921FRAJules Deloffre36 Years  101 Days
1903FRAPierre Desvages36 Years  99 Days
2002ITAAndrea Tafi36 Years  91 Days
1965FRAAndré Darrigade36 Years  90 Days
2013CANSvein Tuft36 Years  82 Days
1992IRLSean Kelly36 Years  72 Days
2007ESPManuel Beltran36 Years  71 Days
1956FRAMaurice Quentin36 Years  65 Days
2004ITAFabio Baldato36 Years  51 Days
1995CANSteve Bauer36 Years  50 Days
2005ITAGiovanni Lombardi36 Years  43 Days
2008AUSRobbie McEwen36 Years  42 Days
2009USAGeorge Hincapie36 Years  36 Days
1928FRAVictor Fontan36 Years  35 Days
1930FRAHenri Touzard36 Years  33 Days
2006UKRSerhiy Honchar36 Years  29 Days
1925BELLouis Mottiat36 Years  21 Days
2000FRAPascal Herve36 Years  19 Days
1964ESPFederico Bahamontes36 Years  14 Days
1996ESPFederico Echave36 Years  10 Days
2008ESPJosé Garcia36 Years  1 Days
2009AUSStuart O'Grady35 Years  363 Days
1989NLDHenk Lubberding35 Years  362 Days
1924ITAAugusto Rho35 Years  361 Days
1989BELLudo Peeters35 Years  357 Days
2004DEURolf Aldag35 Years  343 Days
2012NZLGregory Henderson35 Years  324 Days
2006FRADidier Rous35 Years  317 Days
2005DEUMichael Rich35 Years  313 Days

Todays birthdays.

1876  Gustave Drioul
1880  Felix Pregnac
1884  Francis Gouspy
1884  Henri Ory
1892  Charles Juseret
1898  Magnus Matter
1922  Giuseppe Cerami
1941  Lucien Aimar
1944  Herman Vrancken
1955  Jean-Marie Michel
1962  Mike Gutmann
1965  José Villanueva
1976  Zoran Klemencic
1980  Bradley Wiggins