Stats and Facts from Tour de France.

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After 2018 - Stage 21:
 15000 starters.
  5165 different riders.
  638 teams.
  2253 stages.
  456 restdays.
  442940.60 km.
  5684 abandonnees.

Top 3
Geraint Thomas83:17:13
Tom Dumoulin83:19:04
Christopher Froome83:19:37
Julian Alaphilippe170 pt.
Warren Barguil91 pt.
Rafal Majka76 pt.
Peter Sagan477 pt.
Alexander Kristoff246 pt.
Arnaud Démare203 pt.
Pierre-Roger Latou..83:39:26
Egan Bernal83:45:05
Guillaume Martin84:01:31
Facts from Tour de France 1949
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The rookies in 1949
 Italy3ITA Angelo Brignole26 Years  131 Days
 Italy11ITA Mario Ricci34 Years  330 Days
 Belgium17BEL Désiré Keteleer37 Years  23 Days
 Belgium20BEL Rik Van Steenbergen30 Years  308 Days
 Belgium20BEL Joseph Verhaert22 Years  316 Days
 Italy21ITA Sylvio Pedroni33 Years  168 Days
 Belgium24BEL Marcel De Mulder26 Years  107 Days
 Italy25ITA Fausto Coppi32 Years  292 Days
 Belgium27BEL Marcel Hendrickx29 Years  85 Days
 Italy30ITA Alfredo Martini31 Years  135 Days
 Italy31ITA Ettore Milano26 Years  341 Days
 Switzerland39SUI Hans Hutmacher28 Years  15 Days
 Switzerland41SUI Ernst Stettler27 Years  355 Days
 G.S. Gazzola-Fiorelli-Hutchinson43LUX Marcel Ernzer36 Years  102 Days
 Spain44ESP Dalmácio Langarica34 Years  224 Days
 Spain47ESP Emilio Rodriguez30 Years  230 Days
 Spain50ESP José Serra32 Years  203 Days
 Spain56ESP Bernardo Capo29 Years  261 Days
 Italy60ITA Luciano Pezzi34 Years  158 Days
 Cadetti Italiens61ITA Giuseppe Ausenda30 Years  53 Days
 Cadetti Italiens66ITA Armando Peverelli27 Years  217 Days
 Aiglons Belges70BEL Jacques Geus25 Years  135 Days
 Spain70ESP Bernardo Ruíz33 Years  177 Days
 North East-Center74ITA Adolphe Deledda36 Years  292 Days
 Ile De France77FRA Georges Guillier28 Years  320 Days
 Ile De France86FRA Dominique Forlini30 Years  303 Days
 South-East88ITA Nello Lauredi32 Years  273 Days
 West-North88FRA Roger Le Nizerhy32 Years  217 Days
 Ile De France91BEL Lucien Maelfait31 Years  347 Days
 North East-Center93FRA Roger Buchonnet29 Years  45 Days
 Center-South West97FRA Jean Blanc30 Years  217 Days
 Center-South West99FRA Paul Pineau26 Years  225 Days
 Center-South West103ITA Bruno Garonzi22 Years  322 Days
 Center-South West104POR Antoine Gomez21 Years  314 Days
 Ile De France108ITA Attilio Redolfi30 Years  311 Days
 Peugeot-BP-Englebert112ITA Giuseppe Cerami41 Years  66 Days
 North Africa112MAR Custodio Dos Reis27 Years  232 Days
 South-West113FRA Albert Dolhats35 Years  146 Days
 South-East115FRA Lucien Lazarides32 Years  197 Days
 South-West115FRA Marcel Dussault28 Years  62 Days
 East-South East148FRA Antonin Rolland32 Years  108 Days

Todays birthdays.

1878  Jean Novo
1883  Jules Chabas
1890  Ange Aubry
1893  Roger Marye
1913  Paul Maye
1914  Lucien Vlaemynck
1915  Alphonse Antoine
1932  Rolf Graf
1953  Julio Rubiano
1959  Jos Haex
1959  Gerard Veldscholten
1963  Pablo Moreno
1964  Juan Castillo
1977  Iban Mayo
1994  Fernando Gaviria