Stats and Facts from Tour de France.

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 After:  2016 - Stage 21:   14626 starters.
  5086 different riders.
  632 teams.
  2211 stages.
  454 restdays.
  436049.60 km.
  5622 abandonnees.

Top 3
Christopher Froome89:04:48
Romain Bardet89:08:53
Nairo Quintana89:09:09
Rafal Majka209 pt.
Thomas De Gendt130 pt.
Jarlinson Pantano ..121 pt.
Peter Sagan470 pt.
Marcel Kittel228 pt.
Michael Matthews199 pt.
Adam Yates89:09:30
Louis Meintjes89:11:46
Emanuel Buchmann89:52:28
Facts from Tour de France 2014
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The 34 riders that withdrew in 2014.

  RiderStage Reason
71IMNMark Cavendish2 Did not start
115ITASacha Modolo2 Did not finish
137NZLGregory Henderson4 Did not finish
166LUXAndy Schleck4 Did not start
1KENChristopher Froome5 Did not finish
9ESPXabier Zandio6 Did not finish
26RUSEgor Silin6 Did not finish
33ESPJesus †Hernandez6 Did not finish
117BRAMaximilano Richeze6 Did not start
63NLDStef Clement7 Did not finish
142COLDarwin Atapuma7 Did not finish
167NLDDanny van Poppel7 Did not finish
133BELBart De Clercq8 Did not finish
191CHEMathias Frank8 Did not finish
173ESPEgoitz Garcia9 Did not finish
31ESPAlberto Contador10 Did not finish
54USAEdward King10 Did not finish
185AUSMathew Hayman10 Did not finish
163CHEFabian Cancellara11 Did not start
91USAAndrew Talansky12 Did not start
203ESPDavid de la Cruz12 Did not finish
25RUSAlexander Porsev13 Exceeded time limit
92COLJanier Acevedo13 Did not finish
129FRAArthur Vichot13 Did not finish
171ESPDaniel Navarro13 Did not finish
105BELDries Devenyns14 Did not finish
119ESPRafael Valls Ferri14 Did not finish
111PRTRui Costa16 Did not start
189ENGSimon Yates16 Did not start
28SVNSimon Spilak17 Did not finish
181AUSSimon Gerrans17 Did not start
195CHEReto Hollenstein17 Did not start
18ESPJosť Joaquin Rojas18 Disqualified
194AUSHeinrich Haussler18 Did not finish
The withdrawn in 2014 are from:

 FromAmount Percent
Spain8 23,529 %
Switzerland3 8,824 %
Australia3 8,824 %
Russia2 5,882 %
Belgium2 5,882 %
Holland2 5,882 %
The United States2 5,882 %
Colombia2 5,882 %
England1 2,941 %
Luxembourg1 2,941 %
Portugal1 2,941 %
New Zealand1 2,941 %
Slovenia1 2,941 %
The Isle of Man1 2,941 %
Kenya1 2,941 %
Italy1 2,941 %
Brazil1 2,941 %
France1 2,941 %

Todays birthdays.

1882  Auguste Dufour
1912  Raoul Lesueur
1913  Hans Martin
1938  Franco Magnani
1945  Attilio Rota
1964  Gert Jakobs
1984  Michal Golas