Stats and Facts from Tour de France.

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 After:  2016 - Stage 21:
  14626 starters.
  5086 different riders.
  634 teams.
  2211 stages.
  454 restdays.
  436049.60 km.
  5622 abandonnees.

Top 3
Christopher Froome89:04:48
Romain Bardet89:08:53
Nairo Quintana89:09:09
Rafal Majka209 pt.
Thomas De Gendt130 pt.
Jarlinson Pantano ..121 pt.
Peter Sagan470 pt.
Marcel Kittel228 pt.
Michael Matthews199 pt.
Adam Yates89:09:30
Louis Meintjes89:11:46
Emanuel Buchmann89:52:28
Facts from Tour de France 1994
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The 72 riders that withdrew in 1994.

  RiderStage Reason
65FRALaurent Jalabert2 Did not start
75UKRAlexander Gontchenkov2 Did not start
166BELWilfried Nelissen2 Did not start
162FRABruno Cornillet3 Did not finish
35CANSteve Bauer5 Did not start
196BRAWanderley Magalhaes5 Did not start
202ITAAdriano Baffi5 Did not finish
86USAGreg LeMond6 Did not finish
88FRADidier Rous7 Did not start
142ITAFabio Casartelli7 Did not start
144ITAFabiano Fontanelli7 Did not start
154NLDFrans Maassen7 Did not start
104ITAGianvito Martinelli8 Exceeded time limit
185FRAGérard Guazzini9 Exceeded time limit
82ENGChris Boardman11 Did not finish
207ITARoberto Petito11 Did not finish
47ITANicola Minali12 Did not finish
51ITAClaudio Chiappucci12 Did not start
53ITAAlessandro Bertolini12 Did not finish
73ITAGianni Faresin12 Did not start
121NLDSteven Rooks12 Did not finish
126DNKPeter Meinert Nielsen12 Did not finish
128NLDGert-Jan Theunisse12 Did not finish
143ITAStefano Colagè12 Did not start
155NLDLeon van Bon12 Did not start
187USRJaan Kirsipuu12 Did not finish
204ITAPaolo Lanfranchi12 Did not finish
206ITAGiuseppe Petito12 Did not finish
11DNKTony Rominger13 Did not finish
81FRAJean-Philippe Dojwa13 Did not finish
14BELNico Emonds14 Did not finish
52ITAMarco Artunghi14 Did not finish
68ESPJose-Roberto Aguerro14 Did not start
71RUSPavel Tonkov14 Did not finish
76ITAMarco Lietti14 Did not finish
83FRAChristophe Capelle14 Did not finish
101CHEGianni Bugno14 Did not start
108ITAMario Scirea14 Did not finish
114FRAJacky Durand14 Did not finish
115FRALaurent Madouas14 Did not finish
125NLDRob Harmeling14 Disqualified
129NLDBart Voskamp14 Did not finish
139DEUErik Zabel14 Did not finish
157NLDEdwig Van Hooydonck14 Did not start
164NLDPatrick Jonker14 Did not finish
177ESPIgnacio Garcia14 Did not finish
183FRAJean-Pierre Bourgeot14 Did not finish
189NLDMarco Vermey14 Did not finish
194BELPeter Farazijn14 Did not finish
19ESPJon Unzaga15 Did not start
31USALance Armstrong15 Did not start
84FRAJean-Claude Colotti15 Did not finish
122BELJohan Capiot15 Did not start
195BELHerman Frison15 Did not finish
26BELWilfried Peeters16 Did not finish
67COLOliverio Rincón16 Did not finish
74ITAAlessio Galletti16 Did not finish
77ITAMarco Serpellini16 Did not finish
113FRALaurent Desbiens16 Did not finish
116FRAEmmanuel Magnien16 Did not finish
171ESPLaudelino Cubino16 Did not finish
2ESPMarino Monje17 Did not finish
97NLDJean-Paul van Poppel17 Did not finish
55ITAMario Mantovan18 Did not finish
96FRARoberto Torres18 Did not start
98BELMichel Vermote18 Did not finish
111FRAArmand De Las Cuevas18 Did not finish
158BELEric Van Lancker18 Did not finish
192BELMario De Clercq18 Did not finish
203ITARosario Fina18 Did not finish
169BELMarc Sergeant19 Did not finish
191USRAndrei Tchmil19 Did not finish
The withdrawn in 1994 are from:

 FromAmount Percent
Italy19 26,389 %
France14 19,444 %
Holland10 13,889 %
Belgium10 13,889 %
Spain5 6,944 %
The United States2 2,778 %
The Soviet Union2 2,778 %
Denmark2 2,778 %
Ukraine1 1,389 %
Colombia1 1,389 %
England1 1,389 %
Germany1 1,389 %
Canada1 1,389 %
Switzerland1 1,389 %
Brazil1 1,389 %
Russia1 1,389 %

Todays birthdays.

1899  Ardito Bresciani
1908  Renato Scorticati
1927  Marcel Huber
1941  Roger Cooreman
1942  Luis Santamarina
1952  Ferdi Van den Haute
1956  Graziano Salvietti
1961  Massimo Ghirotto
1963  Thierry Marie
1968  Dominik Krieger
1979  Sébastien Joly
1981  Yohann Gène
1982  William Bonnet
1986  Marcel Wyss
1987  Rafael Valls Ferri
1988  Egor Silin