Stats and Facts from Tour de France.

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After 2018 - Stage 21:
 15000 starters.
  5165 different riders.
  638 teams.
  2253 stages.
  456 restdays.
  442940.60 km.
  5684 abandonnees.

Top 3
Geraint Thomas83:17:13
Tom Dumoulin83:19:04
Christopher Froome83:19:37
Julian Alaphilippe170 pt.
Warren Barguil91 pt.
Rafal Majka76 pt.
Peter Sagan477 pt.
Alexander Kristoff246 pt.
Arnaud Démare203 pt.
Pierre-Roger Latou..83:39:26
Egan Bernal83:45:05
Guillaume Martin84:01:31
Facts from Tour de France 1986
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The 78 riders that withdrew in 1986.

  RiderStage Reason
106BELAndré Lurquin1 Did not finish
152COLRaul Acosta2 Exceeded time limit
58NEDMarc van Orsouw2 Exceeded time limit
69COLAbelardo Rondon2 Exceeded time limit
142FRAVincent Barteau2 Exceeded time limit
56NEDJan Siemons2 Exceeded time limit
164FRAPascal Jules2 Exceeded time limit
67COLJose Lopez2 Exceeded time limit
155COLSergio Jaramillo2 Exceeded time limit
62COLRafaël Acevedo2 Exceeded time limit
52BELWim Arras2 Exceeded time limit
70COLPedro Soler2 Exceeded time limit
127COLFrancisco Rodriguez3 Exceeded time limit
33NEDJos Lammertink4 Did not finish
68COLFabio Parra Pinto4 Did not finish
138ESPPedro Muñoz5 Did not finish
94NEDJelle Nijdam6 Exceeded time limit
22FRAPatrice Esnault6 Exceeded time limit
197BRARenan Ferraro6 Exceeded time limit
191ITAMario Beccia12 Did not finish
145FRAJean-Louis Gauthier12 Did not finish
203USAChris Carmichael12 Did not finish
157COLGerardo Moncada12 Did not finish
79ESPMiguel Indurain12 Did not finish
196SUIRobert Dill-Bundi12 Did not finish
146FRABruno Huger12 Did not finish
36BELEddy Planckaert12 Did not finish
172ITAMarco Giovannetti12 Did not finish
84FRAGilbert Duclos-Lassalle12 Did not finish
199ITARoberto Pagnin12 Did not finish
151COLPablo Hernandez12 Did not finish
173ITAWalter Magnago12 Did not finish
97NEDCees Priem12 Did not finish
200ITARenato Piccolo12 Did not finish
156COLAntonio Londoño12 Did not finish
209USADouglas Shapiro12 Did not finish
190ITAGiuseppe Saronni13 Did not finish
192ITAStefano Allocchio13 Did not finish
181GERReimund Dietzen13 Did not finish
184ESPGuillermo Arenas13 Did not finish
175ITAGiuseppe Petito13 Did not finish
189ESPAlfonso Gutierrez13 Did not finish
179ITAGraziano Salvietti13 Did not finish
34NEDHenk Lubberding13 Did not start
41FRALaurent Fignon13 Did not start
112FRAPhilippe Delaurier13 Exceeded time limit
140BELPol Verschuere14 Did not finish
26FRAEric Guyot14 Did not finish
206USADavis Phinney15 Did not finish
76ESPAnastasio Greciano15 Did not finish
123FRAPhilippe Bouvatier15 Did not finish
86SUIGilbert Glaus15 Did not finish
80ESPCelestino Prieto15 Did not start
174ITAPalmiro Masciarelli16 Did not finish
42FRALaurent Biondi16 Did not finish
53NEDHenk Boeve16 Did not finish
110BELRonny Van Holen16 Did not finish
117BELStefan Morjean16 Exceeded time limit
176ITAMarino Polini17 Did not finish
102BELCarlo Bomans17 Did not finish
163NEDMathieu Hermans17 Did not finish
101BELMarc Sergeant17 Did not finish
201USAAlexi Grewal17 Did not finish
134COLArgemiro Bohórquez17 Did not finish
198SUILuigi Furlan17 Did not finish
125ESPJuan Fernandez17 Did not finish
166NEDErwin Nijboer18 Did not finish
107NZLEric McKenzie18 Did not finish
51ESPPedro Delgado18 Did not finish
204USAEric Heiden18 Did not finish
28FRAJoël Pelier18 Did not start
63COLEdgar Corredor18 Exceeded time limit
169ESPJosé Sanchis18 Exceeded time limit
124ESPAngel Camarillo18 Exceeded time limit
83FRABruno Cornillet18 Exceeded time limit
31SCORobert Millar20 Did not finish
14ITADavide Cassani20 Did not start
40NEDPeter Winnen21 Did not start
The withdrawn in 1986 are from:

 FromAmount Percent
France13 16,667 %
Colombia13 16,667 %
Italy12 15,385 %
Spain10 12,821 %
Holland10 12,821 %
Belgium8 10,256 %
The United States5 6,410 %
Switzerland3 3,846 %
New Zealand1 1,282 %
Scotland1 1,282 %
Brazil1 1,282 %
Germany1 1,282 %

Todays birthdays.

1896  Marcel Thoreau
1932  Guy Buchaille
1954  Heriberto Uran
1958  Jeff Pierce
1962  Jon Unzaga
1964  Franco Vona
1980  Samuel Dumoulin
1986  Damien Gaudin
1986  Daniel Martin