Stats and Facts from Tour de France.

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After 2018 - Stage 21:
 15000 starters.
  5165 different riders.
  638 teams.
  2253 stages.
  456 restdays.
  442940.60 km.
  5684 abandonnees.

Top 3
Geraint Thomas83:17:13
Tom Dumoulin83:19:04
Christopher Froome83:19:37
Julian Alaphilippe170 pt.
Warren Barguil91 pt.
Rafal Majka76 pt.
Peter Sagan477 pt.
Alexander Kristoff246 pt.
Arnaud Démare203 pt.
Pierre-Roger Latou..83:39:26
Egan Bernal83:45:05
Guillaume Martin84:01:31
Facts from Tour de France 1979
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The 61 riders that withdrew in 1979.
  RiderStage Reason
120BELRik Van Linden1 Did not finish
84FRADidier Bourrier1 Did not finish
138ITALuigino Moro1 Did not finish
110BELRoger Verschaeve2 Exceeded time limit
104BELChristian Dumont2 Exceeded time limit
134ITAGianfranco Foresti2 Exceeded time limit
75GERJürgen Kraft2 Exceeded time limit
112ITAGiovanni Cavalcanti2 Exceeded time limit
72ESPFaustino Fernandez3 Did not finish
107BELLudo Loos3 Did not finish
147ITAIgnazio Paleari3 Did not finish
40BELWilfried Wesemael3 Did not finish
76ESPVicente Lopez3 Did not finish
108BELLieven Malfait3 Did not finish
47ESPRafael Ladron3 Did not finish
78ESPJosé Pesarrodona3 Did not finish
125FRARobert Mintkiewicz3 Did not finish
71ESPManuel Esparza3 Did not finish
99BELJos Van De Poel3 Did not finish
145SWEBernt Johansson3 Did not finish
50BELFrans Van Looy5 Did not finish
143DENPer Bausager6 Did not finish
141ITAGianbattista Baronchelli9 Did not finish
35NEDJan Raas9 Did not finish
149ITAAmilcare Sgalbazzi9 Did not finish
142ITAGaetano Baronchelli9 Did not finish
111BELJohan De Muynck10 Did not finish
150ITAAlfio Vandi10 Did not start
148ITAWalter Polini10 Did not start
146DENJřrgen Marcussen10 Did not start
144ITARoberto Ceruti10 Did not start
38NEDLeo Van Vliet11 Did not start
136ITARiccardo Magrini12 Did not finish
80ESPJosé-Luis Viejo12 Did not finish
70FRAPatrick Perret12 Did not finish
105NZLPaul Jesson12 Exceeded time limit
56FRAAlain Patritti12 Exceeded time limit
123BELEmiel De Haes12 Exceeded time limit
92BELRudy Colman13 Did not finish
49ESPPedro Vilardebó14 Did not finish
74ESPMiguel Gutierrez15 Exceeded time limit
137ITAGiovanni Mantovani15 Exceeded time limit
133FRAPatrick Busolini15 Exceeded time limit
132ITANazzareno Berto15 Exceeded time limit
115ITAValerio Lualdi16 Did not finish
54FRAGerard Mace16 Did not finish
95BELAndré Dierickx16 Did not finish
66FRAJacques Esclassan16 Did not finish
128BELWilliam Tackaert16 Did not finish
59FRAChristian Poirier16 Did not finish
130NEDJacques Verbrugge17 Did not finish
113ITAAldo Donadello17 Did not finish
103BELAlain Desaever17 Did not finish
139ITAPasquale Pugliese17 Did not finish
36SUIUeli Sutter17 Did not finish
126BELPatrick Pevenage17 Exceeded time limit
102BELHerman Beysens17 Exceeded time limit
100BELGéry Verlinden18 Did not finish
101BELMichel Pollentier18 Did not start
89FRAPhilippe Tesniere21 Exceeded time limit
7FRAGilbert Chaumaz24 Disqualified
The withdrawn in 1979 are from:
 FromAmount Percent
Belgium18 29,508 %
Italy16 26,230 %
France10 16,393 %
Spain8 13,115 %
Holland3 4,918 %
Denmark2 3,279 %
New Zealand1 1,639 %
Germany1 1,639 %
Switzerland1 1,639 %
Sweden1 1,639 %

Todays birthdays.

1888  Emile Dalifard
1895  Giovanni Canova
1898  Omer Huyse
1928  Vicente Iturat
1935  Jean-Claude Annaert
1938  Antoine Abate
1947  Wil De Vlam
1962  Jokin Mujika
1963  Vicente Ridaura
1985  Reto Hollenstein
1987  Gianluca Brambilla