Stats and Facts from Tour de France.

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 2017 - St. 21:  14824 starters.
  5131 different riders.
  634 teams.
  2232 stages.
  454 restdays.
  439589.60 km.
  5653 abandonnees.

Top 3
Christopher Froome89:04:48
Romain Bardet89:08:53
Nairo Quintana89:09:09
Rafal Majka209 pt.
Thomas De Gendt130 pt.
Jarlinson Pantano ..121 pt.
Peter Sagan470 pt.
Marcel Kittel228 pt.
Michael Matthews199 pt.
Adam Yates89:09:30
Louis Meintjes89:11:46
Emanuel Buchmann89:52:28
Facts from Tour de France 1975
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The 54 riders that withdrew in 1975.

  RiderStage Reason
23ESPJosé Fuente1b Exceeded time limit
135FRABernard Croyet1b Exceeded time limit
110PORManuel Silva3 Did not finish
34ITAEmmanuele Bergamo4 Did not start
127PORFernando dos Reis4 Did not start
92BELEddy Cael4 Did not start
31ITABruno Vicino7 Did not finish
120BELWilfried Wesemael7 Exceeded time limit
104PORJoaquim Carvalho7 Disqualified
111FRAMichel Laurent8 Exceeded time limit
57FRAJacques Esclassan9a Did not finish
26COLAntonio Martos10 Did not finish
30ESPJuan Zurano10 Did not finish
129NEDTheo Smit10 Exceeded time limit
98BELDaniel Verplancke11 Did not finish
39ITAGiacomo Bazzan11 Did not finish
112BELLucien De Brauwere11 Did not finish
93BELWilfried David11 Did not finish
22ESPGonzalo Aja11 Did not finish
108FRABernard Labourdette11 Did not finish
90ITARoberto Sorlini11 Did not finish
106PORFirmino Bernardino12 Did not finish
35ITAGiovanni Dalla Bona13 Did not finish
134FRAAndré Corbeau13 Did not finish
46BELEddy Peelman13 Did not finish
128NEDCees Priem13 Did not finish
42ESPJulian Andiano13 Did not finish
47BELRoger Rosiers13 Did not finish
41ESPLuis Ocaña13 Did not start
33ITAGiovanni Battaglin13 Did not start
133FRAAlain Cigana14 Did not finish
38NORKnut Knudsen14 Did not finish
126NEDBen Koken14 Did not start
79FRAAlain Santy15 Did not finish
115BELRoger Loysch15 Did not finish
54FRAJosé Catieau15 Did not finish
109FRAAndré Mollet15 Did not finish
37ITADonato Giuliani15 Did not start
36ITAPierino Gavazzi15 Did not start
40ITASandro Quintarelli15 Did not start
32ITAAlessio Antonini15 Did not start
45ESPSantiago Lazcano16 Did not finish
17FRAMichel Perin16 Did not start
55FRAJean-Pierre Danguillaume17 Did not finish
83ITAPietro Dallai17 Did not finish
12FRAJean-Pierre Genet17 Did not start
82ITAArnaldo Caverzasi18 Did not start
2BELHerman Beysens20 Did not start
117FRAPatrick Perret20 Did not start
21ESPFrancisco Galdos20 Did not start
28ESPAntonio Menendez21 Did not finish
10BELJoseph Spruyt22 Did not finish
114MARAntoine Gutierrez22 Did not finish
60FRAGuy Sibille22 Did not start
The withdrawn in 1975 are from:

 FromAmount Percent
France14 25,926 %
Italy12 22,222 %
Belgium10 18,519 %
Spain8 14,815 %
Portugal4 7,407 %
Holland3 5,556 %
Norway1 1,852 %
Morocco1 1,852 %
Colombia1 1,852 %

Todays birthdays.

1885  Maurice Chedebois
1889  Emile Guyon
1907  Jef Demuysere
1914  Joseph Neri
1916  Yves Pierracci
1925  Ettore Milano
1937  Attilio Moresi
1940  Aurelio Gonzalez
1962  Uwe Raab
1977  Christophe Laurent
1985  Brice Feillu
1987  Kristijan Durasek
1989  Julien Vermote
1990  Jesus Herrada
1993  Danny van Poppel