Stats and Facts from Tour de France.

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After 2018 - Stage 21:
 15000 starters.
  5165 different riders.
  638 teams.
  2253 stages.
  456 restdays.
  442940.60 km.
  5684 abandonnees.

Top 3
Geraint Thomas83:17:13
Tom Dumoulin83:19:04
Christopher Froome83:19:37
Julian Alaphilippe170 pt.
Warren Barguil91 pt.
Rafal Majka76 pt.
Peter Sagan477 pt.
Alexander Kristoff246 pt.
Arnaud Démare203 pt.
Pierre-Roger Latou..83:39:26
Egan Bernal83:45:05
Guillaume Martin84:01:31
Facts from Tour de France 1957
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The 64 riders that withdrew in 1957.

  RiderStage Reason
75FRAClaude Le Ber1 Exceeded time limit
73FRAMarcel Carfantan1 Exceeded time limit
71FRAPierre Barbotin1 Exceeded time limit
13BELAlexandre Close2 Did not finish
58LUXNicolas Morn2 Did not finish
39NEDArie van Wetten2 Did not finish
57LUXWilly Kemp2 Did not finish
19BELFrans Schoubben2 Did not finish
86ALGRaymond Elena2 Did not finish
56LUXCharly Gaul2 Did not finish
95FRAFerdinand Devèze2 Did not finish
54LUXMarcel Ernzer2 Did not finish
70SUIAlcide Vaucher2 Did not finish
89FRARaymond Meyzenq2 Did not finish
119FRARaymond Plaza3b Did not finish
87FRARene Faure3b Did not finish
35NEDLeo van Der Pluym3b Did not finish
16BELNorbert Kerckhove3b Did not finish
25ITAGianni Ferlenghi3b Did not finish
40NEDWout Wagtmans4 Did not finish
112FRAJean Bellay4 Did not finish
52LUXAldo Bolzan4 Did not finish
66SUIHans Hollenstein4 Did not finish
102FRAClaude Colette4 Did not finish
50ESPAndrès Trobat4 Did not finish
61SUIMarcel Senn4 Did not finish
113FRAGuy Buchaille4 Did not finish
47ESPMiguel Poblet4 Did not finish
60LUXJean-Pierre Schmitz4 Did not finish
84FRACharles Coste4 Did not finish
116FRARené Fournier4 Did not finish
59ENGBrian Robinson5 Did not finish
43ESPAntonio Barrutia5 Did not finish
96FRAJean Graczyk6 Did not finish
91FRAJean-Claude Annaert6 Did not finish
20BELMartin Van Geneugden6 Did not finish
105FRARobert Gibanel6 Did not finish
65SUIRolf Graf7 Did not finish
92ITAUgo Anzile8 Did not finish
31NEDDaniël de Groot8 Did not finish
76FRAJoseph Morvan9 Did not finish
49ESPAntonio Suarez9 Did not finish
42ESPFederico Bahamontes9 Did not finish
101FRAJacques Bianco10 Did not finish
14BELFred De Bruyne10 Did not finish
63SUICarlo Clerici11 Did not finish
21ITAGiancarlo Astrua11 Did not finish
106FRAValentin Huot12 Did not finish
41ESPBenigno Aspuru12 Did not finish
29ITABruno Tognaccini12 Did not finish
110FRAAndré Trochut13 Did not finish
55GERLothar Friedrich13 Did not finish
28ITAGiuseppe Pintarelli13 Did not finish
83FRAManuel Busto15a Did not finish
114FRAStanislas Bober16 Did not finish
94FRAMax Cohen16 Did not finish
88ITANello Lauredi16 Did not finish
109FRASettimo Sabbadini17 Did not finish
97FRARoger Hassenforder17 Did not finish
51PORAntonio Barbosa17 Did not finish
1FRARoger Walkowiak18 Did not finish
93ITAMaurice Bertolo18 Did not finish
69SUIMax Schellenberg21 Did not finish
44ESPAntonio Ferraz21 Did not finish
The withdrawn in 1957 are from:

 FromAmount Percent
France25 39,063 %
Spain7 10,938 %
Italy7 10,938 %
Switzerland6 9,375 %
Luxembourg6 9,375 %
Belgium5 7,813 %
Holland4 6,250 %
Germany1 1,563 %
Algeria1 1,563 %
Portugal1 1,563 %
England1 1,563 %

Todays birthdays.

1878  Jean Novo
1883  Jules Chabas
1890  Ange Aubry
1893  Roger Marye
1913  Paul Maye
1914  Lucien Vlaemynck
1915  Alphonse Antoine
1932  Rolf Graf
1953  Julio Rubiano
1959  Jos Haex
1959  Gerard Veldscholten
1963  Pablo Moreno
1964  Juan Castillo
1977  Iban Mayo
1994  Fernando Gaviria