Stats and Facts from Tour de France.

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After 2017 - Stage 21:
 14824 starters.
  5132 different riders.
  639 teams.
  2232 stages.
  456 restdays.
  439589.60 km.
  5653 abandonnees.

Top 3
Christopher Froome86:20:55
Rigoberto Urán86:21:49
Romain Bardet86:23:15
Warren Barguil169 pt.
Primoz Roglic80 pt.
Thomas De Gendt64 pt.
Michael Matthews359 pt.
André Greipel234 pt.
Edvald Boasson Hagen220 pt.
Simon Yates86:27:09
Louis Meintjes86:29:15
Emanuel Buchmann86:54:16
Facts from Tour de France 1925
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The 80 riders that withdrew in 1925.

  RiderStage Reason
171FRAVictor Leroy1 Did not finish
108SUIMarcel Perriere1 Did not finish
159ITAFrancesco Liverani1 Did not finish
178ESPDesiderio Vinuesa1 Did not finish
101FRADaniel Masson1 Did not finish
169SUITheo Bertholet1 Did not finish
187FRALeon Avrillaud1 Did not finish
104LUXJean Majerus1 Did not finish
177FRAJoseph Rayen1 Did not finish
41FRAHenri Collé1 Did not finish
114FRAMarcel Guignebourg1 Did not finish
166FRALouis Lemitere1 Did not finish
185FRAGaston Coriol1 Did not finish
103FRAEmile Costard1 Did not finish
146FRAGeorges Lethor1 Did not finish
124BELAlphonse Van Daele1 Did not finish
162BELAlfred Steux1 Did not finish
180ITARicardo Benasseni1 Did not finish
132FRAAlbert Eischen2 Did not finish
206ITAAlexandre Tozzi2 Did not finish
200BELJacques Coomans3 Did not finish
122BELCamille Botte3 Did not finish
115FRAGaston Morlet3 Did not finish
121BELJoseph Pe3 Did not finish
158BELJulien Perdaens3 Did not finish
130BELMaurice Protin3 Did not finish
119FRAPierre Argeles3 Did not finish
175FRARobert Asse3 Did not finish
13BELCamiel Vandecasteele3 Did not finish
113FRAAugust Lesigne3 Did not finish
102FRAUrbain Comitis3 Did not finish
117BELRene Wendels3 Did not finish
141FRAJulien Lamby3 Did not finish
156FRASimeon Vergnol4 Did not finish
196BELJoseph Marchand4 Did not finish
12BELRaymond De Corte4 Did not finish
157ITAGiuseppe Ruffoni4 Did not finish
5FRAHenri Pelissier4 Did not finish
29ITALuigi Lucotti4 Did not finish
164FRAAuguste Pescher4 Did not finish
207FRAEugene Chiaberge4 Did not finish
152FRAJoseph Berio4 Did not finish
192BELArthur Targez4 Did not finish
10BELAugust Mortelmans4 Did not finish
151FRAAndre Drobecq7 Did not finish
188LUXVictor Kirchen7 Did not finish
118FRAEmile Broussard7 Did not finish
170FRAGaston Lemee7 Did not finish
154FRAHonoré Barthélémy7 Did not finish
145FRAAdrien Toussaint8 Did not finish
209ITAAlfredo Cominetti8 Did not finish
183SUICharles Parel8 Did not finish
137BELMarcel Clausse8 Did not finish
9FRAMarcel Colleu8 Did not finish
149BELAlbert Jordens8 Did not finish
11BELTheodore Wynsdau8 Did not finish
189ITALuigi Vertemati8 Did not finish
139FRAAlexandre Bontoux8 Did not finish
184ITAGuido Messeri8 Did not finish
155FRAAdrien Alpini8 Did not finish
111FRAFrancois Lepenant8 Did not finish
191ITAGiuseppe Borghi8 Did not finish
144ITAAngelo Erba8 Did not finish
163FRAMaxime Mourguiat8 Did not finish
123FRALouis Beaulieu8 Did not finish
202ITAPietro Barbati8 Did not finish
190ITAFelice Di Gaetano9 Did not finish
39FRARobert Jacquinot9 Did not finish
6FRAFrancis Pelissier9 Did not finish
173FRAVictor Lafosse9 Did not finish
2BELPhilippe Thys9 Did not finish
109FRAVictor Guichon9 Did not finish
37USAGiuseppe Enrici11 Did not finish
40BELHector Heusghem12 Did not finish
107FRALeopold Gelot13 Did not finish
168FRAJoseph Cassini13 Did not finish
127FRAHenri Catelan13 Did not finish
116ITAAlfred Francini13 Did not finish
31ITARomolo Lazzaretti14 Did not finish
153FRAJules Deloffre17 Did not finish
The withdrawn in 1925 are from:

 FromAmount Percent
France41 51,250 %
Belgium18 22,500 %
Italy14 17,500 %
Switzerland3 3,750 %
Luxembourg2 2,500 %
Spain1 1,250 %
The United States1 1,250 %

Todays birthdays.

1895  François Colomines
1901  Victor Pellier
1921  Maurice Carpentier
1921  Hans Hutmacher
1924  Norbert Callens
1928  Armand Baeyens
1933  Adriano Zamboni
1944  Ercole Gualazzini
1952  Jose Lopez
1956  Alfons De Wolf
1958  Sergio Jaramillo
1961  José Vieira
1963  Luigi Furlan
1972  Dariusz Baranowski
1973  Cyril Saugrain
1975  Andréas Klöden
1977  Angelo Furlan
1979  Thomas Voeckler
1983  Jérémy Roy