Stats and Facts from Tour de France.

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After 2017 - Stage 21:
 14824 starters.
  5132 different riders.
  639 teams.
  2232 stages.
  456 restdays.
  439589.60 km.
  5653 abandonnees.

Top 3
Christopher Froome86:20:55
Rigoberto Urán86:21:49
Romain Bardet86:23:15
Warren Barguil169 pt.
Primoz Roglic80 pt.
Thomas De Gendt64 pt.
Michael Matthews359 pt.
André Greipel234 pt.
Edvald Boasson Hagen220 pt.
Simon Yates86:27:09
Louis Meintjes86:29:15
Emanuel Buchmann86:54:16
Facts from Tour de France 1924
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The 98 riders that withdrew in 1924.

  RiderStage Reason
223FRAMarceau Lardenois1 Did not finish
289FRALeon Robelin1 Did not finish
104FRAJoseph Normand1 Did not finish
274BELEmile Dalifard1 Did not finish
313FRAPietro Pistone1 Did not finish
216FRAJoseph Douard1 Did not finish
287FRAJules Banino1 Did not finish
103BELAlfons Van Hecke1 Did not finish
259ITALuigi Brambilla1 Did not finish
294FRAMarcel Robin1 Did not finish
214FRAFrancois Brient1 Did not finish
282ITAGuido Oddone1 Did not finish
325BELCamille Leroy1 Did not finish
40BELGérard Debaets1 Did not finish
251BELPetrus Everaerts1 Did not finish
291FRAAlexandre Bontoux1 Did not finish
131FRALouis Richert1 Did not finish
279FRAErnest Langlais1 Did not finish
315BELJoseph Pe1 Did not finish
301BELArthur Targez2 Did not finish
243FRAJoseph Bercegeay2 Did not finish
260ITAColombo Gallorini2 Did not finish
226FRALouis Legoaer2 Did not finish
34ITAArturo Ferrario2 Did not finish
247FRAHenri Texereau2 Did not finish
263FRAJean Pennamech2 Did not finish
228LUXJean Majerus2 Did not finish
248FRACharles Draon2 Did not finish
323AUTFrancois Magatti2 Did not finish
293FRAGeorges Decultot2 Did not finish
241FRACharles Arnulf2 Did not finish
258FRAClotaire Guillon2 Did not finish
107FRAMarcel Gobillot2 Did not finish
232FRAFrancois Petitjean3 Did not finish
318ITAGiuseppe Brenna3 Did not finish
281FRAAlbert Boutinet3 Did not finish
212BELCharles Desmet3 Did not finish
245FRAFernand Bozzo3 Did not finish
3FRAFrancis Pelissier3 Did not finish
1FRAHenri Pelissier3 Did not finish
224FRARene Billing3 Did not finish
264ITAGiuseppe Cassanti3 Did not finish
4FRAMaurice Ville3 Did not finish
229FRAAlexandre Baud3 Did not finish
275FRAAlfred Noullez3 Did not finish
44BELAdelin Benoit3 Did not finish
235FRAEmile Broussard4 Did not finish
11FRAPierre Bachellerie4 Did not finish
296FRAAlbert Rousselle4 Did not finish
30BELVictor Lenaers4 Did not finish
252FRAAndre Pompon4 Did not finish
22FRAJoseph Curtel4 Did not finish
307BELJean Belvaux4 Did not finish
33USAGiuseppe Enrici4 Did not finish
266BELArthur Hendryckx4 Did not finish
24BELArmand Van Bruaene4 Did not finish
5FRAAndré Souchard4 Did not finish
102BELLéon Despontin4 Did not finish
317FRAAlbert Buisson4 Did not finish
278BELCyriel Omey4 Did not finish
27BELAlbert Dejonghe4 Did not finish
230FRAJoseph Cassini5 Did not finish
26FRAVictor Fontan5 Did not finish
222SUIGottfried Burgat5 Did not finish
9BELEmile Masson5 Did not finish
295FRAJules Nempon5 Did not finish
205FRAAugust Lesigne5 Did not finish
271FRALeopold Gelot5 Did not finish
110FRAFernand Lemay5 Did not finish
322FRAGeorges Gatier6 Did not finish
105BELOdiel Defraeye6 Did not finish
262FRAJules Bertrand6 Did not finish
28FRAHonoré Barthélémy6 Did not finish
23FRARené Gérard6 Did not finish
233ITAUmberto Ripamonti6 Did not finish
277FRAEdouard Petre6 Did not finish
41BELJules Huyvaert6 Did not finish
255FRADaniel Masson6 Did not finish
312ITAPietro Fasoli6 Did not finish
43BELLéon Scieur6 Did not finish
261BELCamille Botte6 Did not finish
324ITAAngelo Guidi6 Did not finish
29BELHector Heusghem7 Did not finish
311ITAPasquale Di Pietro7 Did not finish
16FRARobert Jacquinot7 Did not finish
269FRAJean Archelais7 Did not finish
8BELFélix Sellier7 Did not finish
240FRAAdrien Alpini7 Did not finish
290ITALuigi Ugaglia8 Did not finish
21FRAMarcel Huot8 Did not finish
17BELFirmin Lambot8 Did not finish
213FRACharles Loew9 Did not finish
244FRAMaurice Guenot10 Did not finish
6FRAHenri Collé10 Did not finish
209GERJoseph Ercolani11 Did not finish
272FRAJacques Pfister12 Did not finish
32ITAGiovanni Brunero14 Did not finish
303ITAGiovanni Canova15 Did not finish
The withdrawn in 1924 are from:

 FromAmount Percent
France56 57,143 %
Belgium24 24,490 %
Italy13 13,265 %
Austria1 1,020 %
Germany1 1,020 %
The United States1 1,020 %
Luxembourg1 1,020 %
Switzerland1 1,020 %

Todays birthdays.

1899  Ardito Bresciani
1908  Renato Scorticati
1927  Marcel Huber
1941  Roger Cooreman
1942  Luis Santamarina
1952  Ferdi Van den Haute
1956  Graziano Salvietti
1961  Massimo Ghirotto
1963  Thierry Marie
1968  Dominik Krieger
1979  Sébastien Joly
1981  Yohann Gène
1982  William Bonnet
1986  Marcel Wyss
1987  Rafael Valls Ferri
1988  Egor Silin