Stats and Facts from Tour de France.

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After 2018 - Stage 14:
 15000 starters.
  5163 different riders.
  639 teams.
  2246 stages.
  456 restdays.
  441957.60 km.
  5678 abandonnees.

Top 3
Christopher Froome86:20:55
Rigoberto Urán86:21:49
Romain Bardet86:23:15
Warren Barguil169 pt.
Primoz Roglic80 pt.
Thomas De Gendt64 pt.
Michael Matthews359 pt.
André Greipel234 pt.
Edvald Boasson Hagen220 pt.
Simon Yates86:27:09
Louis Meintjes86:29:15
Emanuel Buchmann86:54:16
Facts from Tour de France 1922
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The 82 riders that withdrew in 1922.

  RiderStage Reason
171BELLeon Poncelet1 Did not finish
126ITASilvio Borsetti1 Did not finish
188BELHenri De Jaegher1 Did not finish
145FRAHenri Jacob1 Did not finish
207ITAAngelo Erba1 Did not finish
174FRAAuguste Berthault1 Did not finish
135FRAJacques Carette1 Did not finish
202FRALucien Lagouche1 Did not finish
149FRAJoseph Rayen1 Did not finish
111FRALucien Abbe1 Did not finish
181FRAAlbert Rousselle1 Did not finish
136FRAMaurice Charriere1 Did not finish
103BELGeorges Goffin1 Did not finish
158FRAHenri Yvon1 Did not finish
122FRARobert Beaulieu1 Did not finish
183FRAJulien Noth1 Did not finish
138FRAFernand Combes1 Did not finish
191ITALuigi Vertemati1 Did not finish
152FRADidier Meslard2 Did not finish
26ITAAngelo Gremo2 Did not finish
133FRARoger Marye2 Did not finish
153BELCamille Botte2 Did not finish
104FRAHenri Catelan2 Did not finish
134FRAEdmond Pertusot2 Did not finish
24BELJoseph Vandaele2 Did not finish
130BELGaston Van Waesberghe2 Did not finish
150FRAAndre Zonnequin2 Did not finish
25BELAlbert Dejonghe2 Did not finish
192ITAEvaristo Endaco2 Did not finish
131BELGuillaume Nyssen2 Did not finish
142FRALeonce Louis3 Did not finish
203FRAAlexandre Dupontreue3 Did not finish
177FRARaoul Boucher3 Did not finish
109BELAdolphe Villaux3 Did not finish
195FRAEmile Lejeune3 Did not finish
144FRAFrancois Chevalier3 Did not finish
4FRARobert Grassin3 Did not finish
180FRAJean Benot3 Did not finish
128BELEmile Desterbecq3 Did not finish
1BELLéon Scieur3 Did not finish
157FRAJean Kienlen3 Did not finish
101FRAEugene Forestier3 Did not finish
186BELHilaire Hellebaut3 Did not finish
139FRAMarcel Thoreau3 Did not finish
167BELCamille Leroy3 Did not finish
108FRAJules Lebreton3 Did not finish
189BELLéon Braeckeveldt3 Did not finish
137FRAHenri Martin4 Did not finish
197FRAGeorges Davoine4 Did not finish
129BELHenri Hanlet4 Did not finish
172FRAPaul Denis4 Did not finish
112FRAFrançois Colomines4 Did not finish
155FRAAuguste Meyer4 Did not finish
115FRANoël Amenc5 Did not finish
162ITALauro Bordin5 Did not finish
193SUILorenzo Costa5 Did not finish
154FRAAndre Chazeau5 Did not finish
182FRAVictor Guichon5 Did not finish
120FRAAdrien Alpini5 Did not finish
173FRAJean Archelais5 Did not finish
196FRAMaurice Guenot6 Did not finish
3FRAFélix Goethals6 Did not finish
107BELFernand Braeckman6 Did not finish
159FRARene Sal6 Did not finish
10FRARomain Bellenger6 Did not finish
114FRACharles Pavese6 Did not finish
170FRARobert Asse6 Did not finish
11FRARobert Jacquinot6 Did not finish
116BELRene Wendels6 Did not finish
176FRAClotaire Guillon6 Did not finish
16FRAEugene Dhers6 Did not finish
132FRAGeorges Hautin6 Did not finish
147FRAAlfred Hersard7 Did not finish
123FRACharles Raboisson8 Did not finish
117LUXJoseph Rasqui8 Did not finish
175BELAlfred De Busschere8 Did not finish
113FRAAntoine Rière11 Did not finish
106ALGHenri Miege11 Did not finish
143ITAVincenzo Bianco11 Did not finish
6FRAHonoré Barthélémy11 Did not finish
140FRAMarcel Brunie11 Did not finish
118FRAEugene Nicolle12 Did not finish
The withdrawn in 1922 are from:

 FromAmount Percent
France54 65,854 %
Belgium18 21,951 %
Italy7 8,537 %
Luxembourg1 1,220 %
Algeria1 1,220 %
Switzerland1 1,220 %

Todays birthdays.

1877  Antoine Perrichon
1878  Auguste Berthault
1911  Théo Herckenrath
1924  Carlo Lafranchi
1931  Armand Di Caro
1937  Jean-Claude Lebaube
1951  Giovanni Battaglin
1961  Pascal Jules
1962  Jean-Claude Leclercq
1976  Janek Tombak
1978  Francisco Pérez
1983  Dries Devenyns