Stats and Facts from Tour de France.

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After 2018 - Stage 13:
 15000 starters.
  5163 different riders.
  639 teams.
  2245 stages.
  456 restdays.
  441769.60 km.
  5677 abandonnees.

Top 3
Christopher Froome86:20:55
Rigoberto Urán86:21:49
Romain Bardet86:23:15
Warren Barguil169 pt.
Primoz Roglic80 pt.
Thomas De Gendt64 pt.
Michael Matthews359 pt.
André Greipel234 pt.
Edvald Boasson Hagen220 pt.
Simon Yates86:27:09
Louis Meintjes86:29:15
Emanuel Buchmann86:54:16
Facts from Tour de France 1921
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The 85 riders that withdrew in 1921.

  RiderStage Reason
204FRACamille Dulac1 Did not finish
187ITAMichele Brega1 Did not finish
175BELLouis Budts1 Did not finish
211BELArmand Thewis1 Did not finish
157FRAEmile Brelloch1 Did not finish
199FRAEdouard Tibal1 Did not finish
191FRALucien Abbe1 Did not finish
171FRAJules Nempon1 Did not finish
206FRAEugène Poncelin1 Did not finish
134FRAEmile Dorvillers1 Did not finish
222ITAPietro Casati1 Did not finish
198FRALéon Bonnery1 Did not finish
220BELJacques Van Rompaey1 Did not finish
169BELArthur Claerhout1 Did not finish
205FRAAlexis Rosset1 Did not finish
112FRAAnge Aubry1 Did not finish
180FRANicolas Urme1 Did not finish
11BELEmile Masson1 Did not finish
213FRAJean Riou1 Did not finish
161FRADaniel Dagrau1 Did not finish
142ITANapoleon Paoli2 Did not finish
160FRAJules Banino2 Did not finish
108FRAAlexandre Bodinier2 Did not finish
2BELJean Rossius2 Did not finish
147FRAGwénolé Michel2 Did not finish
221FRAMathieu Caplat2 Did not finish
178BELPierre Coolens2 Did not finish
118BELCamille Botte2 Did not finish
148FRAClotaire Guillon2 Did not finish
8BELLouis Heusghem2 Did not finish
184ITAAngelo Erba2 Did not finish
136BELJules Beyens2 Did not finish
153FRAPaul Seigne2 Did not finish
15BELPhilippe Thys2 Did not finish
192FRAJulien Samyn2 Did not finish
9BELRené Vermandel3 Did not finish
24FRARobert Gerbaud3 Did not finish
179FRAJules Bertrand3 Did not finish
17FRARobert Jacquinot3 Did not finish
101FRAJoseph Rayen3 Did not finish
190ITAMario Verzelletti3 Did not finish
22BELAlfred Steux3 Did not finish
113FRARaoul Petouille3 Did not finish
203ITASilvio Borsetti3 Did not finish
23FRAMarcel Godard3 Did not finish
150FRARene Paxion3 Did not finish
214BELLouis Verbraecken3 Did not finish
106FRAJules Lebreton4 Did not finish
16FRACharles Juseret4 Did not finish
217FRAEmile Lejeune4 Did not finish
6FRAJean Alavoine4 Did not finish
107FRARobert Martens4 Did not finish
102FRAAndre Coutte5 Did not finish
164FRARene Billing5 Did not finish
194GERCharles Hans6 Did not finish
114BELEmile Dalifard6 Did not finish
216FRAEmile Ledran6 Did not finish
151ALGHenri Miege6 Did not finish
137FRARobert Asse6 Did not finish
122FRAMaurice Pesnin6 Did not finish
163FRALucien Lagouche6 Did not finish
21FRARené Chassot6 Did not finish
131FRAMaurice Armand6 Did not finish
149FRACharles Hennuyer6 Did not finish
207FRACharles Loew6 Did not finish
121FRAAlexandre Gilles6 Did not finish
158FRAFirmin Pauloin6 Did not finish
132FRACharles Pavese6 Did not finish
129FRAFernand Moulet6 Did not finish
20BELJacques Coomans6 Did not finish
201FRALouis Lembeye6 Did not finish
120FRAGaston Degy6 Did not finish
155FRAPierre Excoffier6 Did not finish
135FRAFrançois Colomines6 Did not finish
127FRAFrancois Chevalier6 Did not finish
13FRARomain Bellenger7 Did not finish
1FRAEugène Christophe8 Did not finish
18BELAlbert Dejonghe9 Did not finish
152FRAJosé Pelletier9 Did not finish
119FRAEdouard Leonard9 Did not finish
143FRAThéodore Abada10 Did not finish
116FRAAntoine Rière10 Did not finish
224ESPJaime Janer11 Did not finish
156MONLaurent Devalle11 Did not finish
172BELJean Belvaux14 Did not finish
The withdrawn in 1921 are from:

 FromAmount Percent
France57 67,059 %
Belgium18 21,176 %
Italy6 7,059 %
Germany1 1,176 %
Monaco1 1,176 %
Algeria1 1,176 %
Spain1 1,176 %

Todays birthdays.

1889  Arthur Godart
1901  Félix Baud
1904  Fernand Fayolle
1921  Pietro Giudici
1932  Félix Le Buhotel
1932  Piet Van Den Brekel
1954  Hennie Stamsnijder
1965  Francis Moreau
1980  Andrey Kashechkin
1981  Stefan Schumacher