Stats and Facts from Tour de France.

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 After:  2016 - Stage 21:
  14626 starters.
  5086 different riders.
  634 teams.
  2211 stages.
  454 restdays.
  436049.60 km.
  5622 abandonnees.

Top 3
Christopher Froome89:04:48
Romain Bardet89:08:53
Nairo Quintana89:09:09
Rafal Majka209 pt.
Thomas De Gendt130 pt.
Jarlinson Pantano ..121 pt.
Peter Sagan470 pt.
Marcel Kittel228 pt.
Michael Matthews199 pt.
Adam Yates89:09:30
Louis Meintjes89:11:46
Emanuel Buchmann89:52:28
Facts from Tour de France 1911
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The 56 riders that withdrew in 1911.

  RiderStage Reason
3FRALucien Petit-Breton1 Did not finish
35FRAMaurice Leturgie1 Did not finish
101FRALouis Poyet1 Did not finish
105CHEAndre Kuhn1 Did not finish
127FRAHenri Anthoine1 Did not finish
134FRAPierre Dane1 Did not finish
135FRAAlcide Riviere1 Did not finish
136FRALéon Riche1 Did not finish
139FRAAdrien Melaye1 Did not start
146ITAPietro Fiore1 Did not finish
152FRAEugene Merville1 Did not finish
153FRAVictor Cathera1 Did not finish
157FRAEugene Moura1 Did not finish
168BELGeorges Goffin1 Did not finish
4ENGGeorges Passerieu2 Did not finish
36FRAConstant Niedergang2 Did not finish
108FRAJean Brethoux2 Did not finish
118FRAFrancois Lemoigne2 Did not finish
138FRALouis Bonino2 Did not finish
13FRALouis Trousselier3 Did not finish
16BELAndré Blaise3 Did not finish
20BELRené Van Den Berghe3 Did not finish
126FRAPaul Armbruster3 Did not finish
149BELRobert Lamon3 Did not finish
1FRAOctave Lapize4 Did not finish
107FRAPaul Trippier4 Did not finish
129FRAFrançois Lafourcade4 Did not finish
18BELJules Messelis5 Did not finish
24FRAFrédéric Saillot5 Did not finish
103FRAEdouard Chaudron5 Did not finish
112FRAEdouard Thieullent5 Did not finish
119FRAHenri Yvon5 Did not finish
122FRAGeorges Devilly5 Did not finish
148FRAAlois Catteau5 Did not finish
116FRAPaul Coppens6 Did not finish
120DZARaphael Galiero6 Did not finish
128FRAFerdinand Payan6 Did not finish
25FRAPhilippe Pautrat7 Did not finish
33FRAFerdinand Lafourcade7 Did not finish
131FRAGeorges Fleury8 Did not finish
115FRALucien Leman9 Did not finish
117FRACharles Pavese9 Did not finish
124FRAErnest Gargat9 Did not finish
166FRARaymond Harquet9 Did not finish
110FRALeon Rabot10 Did not finish
137FRAEdouard Wattelier10 Did not finish
141CHECharles Dumont10 Did not finish
158FRAEmile Lachaise10 Did not finish
167FRAAntony Wattelier10 Did not finish
19FRAMaurice Brocco11 Did not finish
11FRAFrançois Faber12 Did not finish
15FRAEugène Christophe12 Did not finish
106FRAJulien Gabory12 Did not finish
30FRAJules Nempon13 Did not finish
113FRAHenri Alavoine13 Did not finish
8FRAAlphonse Charpiot14 Did not finish
The withdrawn in 1911 are from:

 FromAmount Percent
France46 82,143 %
Belgium5 8,929 %
Switzerland2 3,571 %
Italy1 1,786 %
Algeria1 1,786 %
England1 1,786 %

Todays birthdays.

1902  Bernard Wiber
1908  Auguste Van Tricht
1910  Orlando Teani
1913  Gustaaf Deloor
1935  Jean Milesi
1972  Robbie McEwen