Stats and Facts from Tour de France.

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After 2017 - Stage 21:
 14824 starters.
  5132 different riders.
  638 teams.
  2232 stages.
  456 restdays.
  439589.60 km.
  5653 abandonnees.

Top 3
Christopher Froome86:20:55
Rigoberto Urán86:21:49
Romain Bardet86:23:15
Warren Barguil169 pt.
Primoz Roglic80 pt.
Thomas De Gendt64 pt.
Michael Matthews359 pt.
André Greipel234 pt.
Edvald Boasson Hagen220 pt.
Simon Yates86:27:09
Louis Meintjes86:29:15
Emanuel Buchmann86:54:16
Facts from Tour de France 1906
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The 64 riders that withdrew in 1906.

  RiderStage Reason
11FRAPaul Trippier1 Did not finish
55FRAEmile Haemmerlin1 Did not finish
85FRACharles Habert1 Did not finish
74FRAHenri Menez1 Did not finish
84FRAAlfred Belleville1 Did not finish
94FRAJean Perreard1 Did not finish
10FRAProsper Rau1 Did not finish
35FRAFirmin Pauloin1 Did not finish
79FRARobert Dubois1 Did not finish
96GERLudwig Barthelmann1 Did not finish
53FRAEugène Duffis1 Did not finish
83FRAE. Vernimmen1 Did not finish
93FRAFrançois Lafourcade1 Did not finish
43FRAJules Chabas1 Did not finish
40FRAFernand Lallement1 Did not finish
77FRAEdouard Chaumard1 Did not finish
88FRAAlfred Pocarius1 Did not finish
32FRAGeorges Devilly1 Did not finish
7FRAArsene Tuale1 Did not finish
68FRAHenri Marchand1 Did not finish
91GERHeini Scholl1 Did not finish
41FRAFrédéric Saillot1 Did not finish
58FRAD. Gonjeaud1 Did not finish
76FRAD. Communal1 Did not finish
86FRAAlbert Godefroy1 Did not finish
14FRAPierre Desvages1 Did not finish
64FRAHenri Star1 Did not finish
13FRAEmile Bertrand1 Did not finish
95FRAJean Giran1 Did not finish
71BELJulien Lootens2 Did not finish
45FRAArthur Pottiez2 Did not finish
69ITAGiovanni Gerbi2 Did not finish
80BELRobert Wancour2 Did not finish
59FRACharles Perraud2 Did not finish
9FRAGaston Codam2 Did not finish
52FRAAlbert Baudet2 Did not finish
82FRAGaston Heneaux2 Did not finish
22FRAVictor Lascoutounax2 Did not finish
66FRAChristophe Laurent2 Did not finish
47FRAPierre Schneider2 Did not finish
37FRACharles Crupelandt2 Did not finish
38FRAErnest Ricaux3 Did not finish
19FRAFernand Gaborias3 Did not finish
30FRAMartin Soulie3 Did not finish
57FRAEmile Lamboeuf3 Did not finish
61FRADavid Dupont3 Did not finish
15BELHenri Timmermann3 Did not finish
8FRAFrançois Poiry3 Did not finish
90FRALouis Tancou3 Did not finish
63FRAGaston Tuvache4 Disqualified
24FRAJulien Gabory4 Disqualified
25FRAJean Gauban4 Disqualified
87FRAMaurice Carrere4 Disqualified
89FRAMaxime Morel6 Did not finish
70FRAFrançois Faber6 Did not finish
2FRAGeorges Sérès sr.6 Did not finish
73FRAPierre Privat7 Did not finish
51FRAMaurice Decaup7 Did not finish
18FRAHippolyte Aucouturier7 Did not finish
5FRAAugustin Ringeval7 Did not finish
81FRAAlbert Chartier7 Did not finish
3FRAFrançois Beaugendre8 Did not finish
56FRAJean-Baptiste Dortignacq10 Did not finish
17FRAMarcel Cadolle11 Did not finish
The withdrawn in 1906 are from:

 FromAmount Percent
France58 90,625 %
Belgium3 4,688 %
Germany2 3,125 %
Italy1 1,563 %

Todays birthdays.

1880  Germain Fourchotte
1898  Jean Benot
1909  Fernand Mithouard
1931  Joseph Mirando
1932  Guy Million
1939  Roger Thull
1947  Robert Bouloux
1949  Raymond Martin
1961  Jean-Luc Garnier
1967  Angel Ochoa
1973  Francisco Leon
1976  Christian Vandevelde
1977  Jean-Christophe Peraud
1981  Laurent Mangel