Stats and Facts from Tour de France.

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After 2018 - Stage 21:
 15000 starters.
  5165 different riders.
  638 teams.
  2253 stages.
  456 restdays.
  442940.60 km.
  5684 abandonnees.

Top 3
Geraint Thomas83:17:13
Tom Dumoulin83:19:04
Christopher Froome83:19:37
Julian Alaphilippe170 pt.
Warren Barguil91 pt.
Rafal Majka76 pt.
Peter Sagan477 pt.
Alexander Kristoff246 pt.
Arnaud Démare203 pt.
Pierre-Roger Latou..83:39:26
Egan Bernal83:45:05
Guillaume Martin84:01:31
Facts from Tour de France 1904
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The 73 riders that withdrew in 1904.

  RiderStage Reason
59BELDieudonné Jamar1 Did not finish
83FRACharles Delmilhac1 Did not finish
50ESPLouis Lecuona1 Did not finish
33SUICharles Laeser1 Did not finish
49FRALipman1 Did not finish
63FRADufraix1 Did not finish
92FRAMonin1 Did not finish
22FRAP. Hibon1 Did not finish
38BELJoseph Achten1 Did not finish
56FRALéon Habets1 Did not finish
81FRAOctave Doury1 Did not finish
55FRAEdouard Dartigue1 Did not finish
26FRAEmile Moulin1 Did not finish
45ITAGiovanni Rossignoli1 Did not finish
61FRAEugène Brange1 Did not finish
88FRAHenri Boyer1 Did not finish
15FRAL. Treuvelot1 Did not finish
36BELLamouline1 Did not finish
3FRAVictor Deveze1 Did not finish
75BELLegaux1 Did not finish
103BELGeorges Goffin1 Did not finish
25FRAAuguste Lapree1 Did not finish
40GERFranz Breidenbach1 Did not finish
60FRAGeorges Fleury1 Did not finish
90FRAFélix Boyer1 Did not finish
10FRAAdrien Blanqui1 Did not finish
35BELHubert Dome1 Did not finish
105FRASylvain1 Did not finish
69FRAEmile Lamboeuf1 Did not finish
99FRALucien Prévost1 Did not finish
23BELJules Sales1 Did not finish
27FRAMarcastel1 Did not finish
39FRAJean-Baptiste Jacquet1 Did not finish
96FRAGabriel Cistac2 Did not finish
17FRAPierre Desvages2 Did not finish
32SUIAnton Jaeck2 Did not finish
102FRAAuguste Durand2 Did not finish
100FRAFrançois Varalda2 Did not finish
20FRAEdouard Pillon2 Did not finish
68BELPierre Cnops2 Did not finish
9FRAFerdinand Payan2 Did not finish
7FRAPierre Chevalier2 Did not finish
28FRAVassela2 Did not finish
18ITAGiovanni Gerbi2 Did not finish
79FRAJulien Leroy2 Did not finish
13FRAJean Gauban2 Did not finish
29FRALéon Riche2 Did not finish
46BELEmile Lombard3 Did not finish
41FRAEugène Ventresque3 Did not finish
16FRAAuguste Maisonneuve3 Did not finish
65FRAJean-Baptiste Lardillier3 Did not finish
6SUIMichel Frédérick3 Did not finish
58FRAAlfred Faure4 Did not finish
5FRAFrançois Beaugendre5 Did not finish
82FRALaurent Tachet5 Did not finish
77FRAEmile Poupin5 Did not finish
44FRAAlbert Niepçeron5 Did not finish
21FRAGrimenwald6 Did not finish
86FRACharles Prevost6 Did not finish
72FRANoël Prevost6 Did not finish
52FRAJulien Gabory6 Did not finish
4FRAHippolyte Aucouturier6 Disqualified
The withdrawn in 1904 are from:

 FromAmount Percent
France54 73,973 %
Belgium11 15,068 %
Italy3 4,110 %
Switzerland3 4,110 %
Spain1 1,370 %
Germany1 1,370 %

Todays birthdays.

1874  Achille Colas
1895  Lucien Meunier
1902  Lazare Venot
1915  Albert Gijsen
1924  Marcel Zelasco
1930  Juan Campillo
1931  Jean-Claude Skerl
1934  Jean Selic
1935  Arnaldo Pambianco
1955  Mario Beccia
1956  Daniel Willems
1957  Dominique Sanders
1959  Marc Sergeant
1960  Éric Caritoux
1963  Jelle Nijdam
1971  Arnaud Prétot
1980  Piet Rooijakkers